Who am I?
Brian P. Rose,

I specialize in hand carved sculpture, as well as digital content creation
(ZBrush). I graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 2000, with my BFA
in Sculpture.  I then entered into the digital animation field, primarily creating
architectural visualization and other types of 3D design work.

I freelanced for several years at a local design boutique, working on projects
for fortune 500 companies.  I showed great promise, and was in line to be
made a salaried employee, and then...   First the dot com bubble burst,  and
then the real estate bubble burst.  My work dried up, and I had to seek
employment else where. It's a shame really,  but that brings us to the here and
now.  I have come full circle once again.    
Why did I start carving MDF ?
Logistics...  I'm working from home, and stone carving in a residential setting,
is let's say difficult at best.  It's extremely noisy, and very dusty work.  I also
had limited funds at the timeand could not afford to have my alabaster shipped
via semi truck from Colorado to Cleveland.  So I started looking for a local
material to carve.  I experimented with everything and anything I could get my
hands on...this went on for some time, and with mixed results.  One day I
bought some MDF to make some simple tombstones for Halloween.  The next
they say is history.
What is MDF ?
MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) is a man made wood product used primarily
for shelving, furniture, and audio speaker box enclosures.  I began working
with MDF in early 2008 by carving low relief sculptures out of 3/4" thick sheets.
 I then tried different finishes, paints, and coatings.  MDF is extremely porous
when the grain is exposed, so learning the correct method to seal it took some

My next step was to increase the detail, and size of the sculptures.  Thicker
MDF is available, but I had to order it by the truck load.  I found an easy way to
laminate multiple sheets of the material together, giving me any thickness I
wanted.  I still was not satisfied though with the final finishes I had come up with.

I continued experimenting and I am currently using flake graphite, with which I
am very happy with.  When it gets warm enough to work in my studio (garage),
I will be finishing a piece with very fine powdered graphite.  My initial test of it
came out very well!  Check back in late spring for an update!
© Brian Rose 2012
Late Spring turned into late Fall...so much has happened both good and
bad... The powder graphite is beautiful... check out my gallery to see the new