Update 4:  I have added 4 new sculptures to my mdf gallery,
as well as adding new photos to many of my existing works!

Update 3...I had a wonderful opportunity to exhibit my work
at Sunny Side Up gallery in Historic Little Italy (Cleveland,
OH).  Check out my new ,"Exhibits" button link to view
more! -Thanks for everything Robin!  

Update 2... ,"The Finger" Stone sculpture.  Scroll down on
the gallery page to find it.  

Update 1...I have posted some of my sculptures made out of
MDF.  Click on the Gallery tab above to view.  

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"Cameo", private commission, 2011.
8" diameter, carved MDF, painted with
white epoxy lacquer.
Update 5...You can now purchase my sculpture on Etsy!  
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.  BPRStudios on Etsy